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20/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; kim dasom.

"i receive a lot of care and love from the other sistar members. they support me, advise me and lead me. they are my unnies and at the same time, they are my life teachers. of course, since i am the youngest, my turn comes after the rest of the members; but other than that, i am happy. hyorin unnie, soyu unnie and bora unnie! i love you!" -dasom

It’s very fun to watch over her. Youngji is surprised and amazed at everything she sees. For example, she’ll be watching with amazement when the LED screen is being moved by a staff member. All those little things will spark something in her. When we watch her so amazed then, I will remember that we also looked at those things in amazement.

#HappyJoyDay ♡ happy birthday to red velvet’s energy pill and maknae, joy. even though it’s only been a month since your debut, you’ve captured my heart like the little fisher you are. i hope this year for you is as bright as your eyesmile and i wish you lots of hugs and attention from your unnies~

go eunbi ♡

'Ladies Code EunBi died in a traffic accident' the car slipped on rain and burnt down today at 1:20AM. The accident killed the driver too

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1992 ♡ 2014
Go Eun Bi

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